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Eye of Peggy Hawthorne

Eye of Peggy Hawthorne


Miniature painting made in gouache on paper signed with pencil at the back on silver vintage brooch framed in swarovski stones.

Painting based on the original miniature of Miss Peggy Hawtorne, made in 1793 and now part of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

This unique piece comes with the 3 most beautiful embroidery chokers with flower details matching the flowers surrounding the eye miniature: 2 chokers in off-white with different wide (2 and 4cm) and a third choker in black 2cm wide.

You can wear the brooch on these chokers and also on your favourite scarves.

Size of the miniature: 14x25mm.

Size of the brooch: 24x35mm.

The three chokers are 75cm long.

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