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The images I create are always inspired by human experiences and relationships.
I am particularly interested in time and memory.

In my personal work, I usually draw portraits of my close ones treating them as selfportraits, because they all took part in my creation. The technique I work most confortably with is drawing by pencil on silk because it allows me to portrait the transparency of souls, being able to see both sides of the drawing: front and back.

I work as artistic engraver for the Royal Mint of Spain, specialized in intaglio techniques and burin engraving, so I tend to create very small format works or miniatures, usually combining drawing, painting and engraving on the same piece.
My jewellery collections are focused on upcycling antique jewels. I tend to make the most of these vintage pieces by painting miniatures on their surface, sometimes eyes bringing back that fashion trend from late 18th Century called Lover's eyes, when people used to wear jewels with portraits to remember their loved ones. Thus, I give these old pieces a new life and meaning using the old Masters's techniques, such as gouache or watercolour on metal, ivory or gems and getting a one of a kind wearable piece of art based on art history as result.

I love and enjoy to remember. Remembering is thinking. I create things preventing myself from the oblivion, hoping my work prevents others from forgetting as well: we all are recipients and  memories  are everything we contain... or wear ;)

laura rikman self portrait post stamp
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