artist statement

         The images I make are always inspired by human experiences and relationships. I am particularly interested in time and memory. I work creating so that I can remember. I see my body as a container of emotions: all can be shown but all remain hidenIn my personal work I usually draw portraits of my relatives treating them as selfportraits, because they took part on my creation. The size of my pieces is very small or medium, as I often imitate old miniatures.


I use familiar objects as portraits of souls, reflecting and throwing out feelings of fullness or emptiness. I mostly combine drawing and engraving. I work on vintage objects such as cameos where, back in the late 19th Century, people used to save memories in, such as the portraits of their lovers. Eyes looking. Apples raised. I give this old pieces a new meaning using contemporary techniques based on old fashion styles. I propose objects that hold a story, creating images that are surrounded by a very special ambience, such as my examples of vases keeping an atmosphere that was once felt versus vases unable to keep: recipients filled by holes. Now the vessel is the container of emotions: all can be kept and also all may be gone. I work in this duality because one thing cannot exist without its opposite. 

I love and enjoy to remember. Remembering is thinking. Thus, I create things preventing myself from the oblivion. Hope my work prevents others from forgetting as well: we are all recipients and  memories  are everything we may contain.

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