artist statement

         The images I make are always inspired by human experiences and relationships. I am particularly interested in time and memory.

I work creating so that I can remember. 


In my personal work, I usually draw portraits of my close ones treating them as selfportraits, because they all took part on my creation. The technique that represents me the most is drawing by pencil on silk.

I am specialized in burin engraving, the size of my pieces is usually very small, working mostly on miniatures. I combine drawing, painting and engraving.


In my jewellery collections I also work with miniatures I create, but also upcycling vintage jewels. I tend to make the most of these vintage pieces by painting miniature portraits on their surface, bringing back that fashion trend from late 18th Century called Lover's eyes, when people used to wear jewels as art pieces to remember their loved ones. I give these old pieces a new meaning and life using the same techniques they used, such as gouache on metal or ivory. 

I love and enjoy to remember. Remembering is thinking. Thus, I create things preventing myself from the oblivion. Hope my work prevents others from forgetting as well: we are all recipients and  memories  are everything we may contain or wear ;)

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